Annabelle Chapman

Annabelle Chapman


Annabelle Chapman is a Warsaw-based journalist covering Poland for The Economist and Monocle magazine. Her articles on Central and Eastern Europe have been published widely in the international press, including in Politico Europe, Foreign Affairs and Foreign Policy. She holds a PhD on Poland and a Masters in Russian and Eastern European Studies, both from the University of Oxford. She is a winner of the Sylke Tempel Essay Prize and the Timothy Garton Ash Prize for European Writing.


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Saturday 10 October


    • H.E. Andrej Doležal
    • Annabelle Chapman
    • Beata Javorcik
    • Pavel Mík

    One of the more encouraging outcomes yielded by the pandemic is that climate and digital transitions have been widely recognized and embraced as essential elements of the solution at the EU level. A key ingredient to unlocking this twin transition is private sector innovation. Europe’s innovative businesses and tech startups could drive the post-pandemic economic recovery and advance Europe’s ambition to reduce its dependence on technology solutions originating outside of the EU. Navigating the post-pandemic terrain presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Trade barriers, impaired supply chains, restricted travel and geopolitical tensions embolden the European Commission and national governments to reshore green industries and develop more sustainable supply chains in-house.  As part of its broader recovery strategy, how can the Central-Eastern European (CEE) region help Europe become a global leader in the green and digital transitions? Is smart & digital a just answer to the covid19 experience and climate change? Which sectors show the greatest potential in the new post-covid19 landscape? How can governments create an enabling environment for regional innovation and what are key coping tools (investment, regulatory, tax)?

    Gerlach Ballroom

    Grand Hotel Kempinski
    Live broadcast