Neelam Deo

Neelam Deo


Neelam Deo is the co-founder and Director at Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations. Her expertise lies in India’s foreign policy, diplomacy and bilateral relations along with Africa and USA. Neelam Deo has served as the Indian Ambassador to Denmark and Ivory Coast with concurrent accreditation to Niger, Guinea, and Sierra Leone. She has also served in the Indian embassies in Rome, Bangkok and Washington D.C., where she liaised with the U.S. Congress, the State Department, and the National Security Council on strategic issues. Her last assignment was as Consul General in New York from 2005 to 2008. During the course of her assignments in the Ministry of External Affairs, she held the position of Joint Secretary for the divisions dealing with Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and the Maldives. At different times over the course of her career, she has dealt with Bhutan, South East Asia and the Pacific, as well as countries in West Asia and North Africa. She has a Master’s degree from the Delhi School of Economics and serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Indian Foreign Affairs Journal.


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Thursday 08 October


    • Alena Kudzko
    • Bruno Maçães
    • Damon Wilson
    • Neelam Deo
    • Shada Islam

    At present there appear to be at least two competing global systems that threaten to split the world in two: the rules-based liberal order and the state-led capitalist model put forth by China. This split revealed itself in the lack of a coordinated global response to COVID-19. Rather than harness the power of international cooperation, nation-states have used the crisis to further their geopolitical ambitions causing a further divide among global powers. The distribution of global power and the way it is projected has long changed. Will the U.S. power continue to decline? How does China manifest its global ambition and how will it change the world? Can the EU develop a power centre that is distinct from both the U.S. and China? What role can other countries play?  What responsibilities come with global power?


    Grand Hotel River Park
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