GLOBSEC 2020 Bratislava Forum Summary

Rather than coming up with a chronological summary of the discussions, this summary leads its reader through a useful overview of the topics discussed divided into four main streams: The Post-Covid World, Crisis of Multilateralism, Advancements of Tomorrow and Resilience and Challenges to Democratic Transition.

How and on what issues should countries co-operate to deal with COVID-19? What are the main geopolitical challenges for our post-pandemic world? And how about other topics of tomorrow like 5G, digitalisation and hybrid threats to democracy?

The 15th edition of GLOBSEC 2020 Bratislava Forum was without any exaggeration a special one. In complicated times, it managed to put together dozens of experts in various fields and asked them the most crucial question of our times – how should we heal our world together? Their answer, systematically structured and organised, is in this publication.